Monday, May 9, 2011

Chinese Song Lyrics in Pinyin

I notice a lot of you would like to sing some Chinese song but unable to read the characters are having a hard time looking for the Chinese song lyrics in pinyin online (there are some of them, but with limited song collection). That is why I decided to come out with another section cater for you (You know who you are)! Just in case you miss that out, you can still visit the lyrics collection here.
Okay, the collection might not be as complete, but (right now) my main concern will be the engine that did the translation. As some of you might have notice, there are some Chinese characters that turn out to be empty in their pinyin and some of them didn't get their correct pinyin. All I can say is it's gonna take sometime to capture all those missing characters & I hope I have 48 hours a day to capture them one-by-one.

That's all for now.